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Esoteric Meditation (as taught by Dechan Jeuren) cultivates wisdom and removes obstacles. It gives an experience of light and lightness and enables rapid change. For 1000s of years it has been used by those aspiring to attain enlightenment in a single lifetime. The practice utilise mudra, visualisation and mantra.

Mindfulness (made famous by Jon Kabat Zinn) can be regarded as a foundation for any meditation or yoga practice. By bringing a gentle awareness to very ordinary everyday activities (e.g. breathing, sitting, walking, eating) something extraordinary can happen - namely an appreciation of simply being.


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Sit comfortably in a safe and supported environment and experience wonderful, gentle and profound healing. Modality from the ancient Chinese practises of Hanmi Buddhism, utilising the power of mantra light, and empowerments linking to enlightened Buddha (and lineage holder), Dechen Jueren.

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Process, understand and move forward with the warm support of an experienced therapist.

Our emotions, beliefs, thought patterns and behaviours are linked. The interplay between them drives how we experience ourselves and others. As such there is much that can be done simply by talking (and feeling) through an issue. Processing through counselling generally involves letting go of stuck emotions or limiting thoughts and picking up understanding and insight. This often leads to feeling lighter and more empowered (having more choices). It is useful for addressing problems rooted in the present and the past.
Aside from the accumulated knowledge and skill of the therapist, what powers the therapy is the creation of a safe and nourishing space where two people's wisdom and mental/emotional/spiritual resources can be applied to one person's problems.

Counselling at Cityzen uses a combination of tools and theory from person centred and psychodynamic counselling, NLP and Mindfulness Based CBT (see also

multi faith chaplaincy /spiritual guidance

in person or by Skype

Sometimes we feel our progress is blocked, or there are issues we find distressing or incomprehensible. Life doesn't always go according our script. Then of course there are the big questions about life and existence.

It may help to do some of the exploration and soul searching with a little guidance and support. This is not about being told what to do or to believe. It's about the facilitation of a personal journey - like having help from an older sibling, one that may not have all the answers but may be more familiar with some of the territory.

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